About Us


Wendy started in WendyWear in 1990.  Scrunchies, paper earrings, and leotards were the hot items.  Selling out at many of her shows Wendy began to grow her dream.  Soon she started working with beads and never looked back.

In 2001 after finishing college Bobby started helping her mom. Quickly she found a love for creating beautiful jewelry. Now they are a team working together to create and sell their jewelry.

Currently WendyWear Jewelry is going strong.  Wendy and Bobby travel to Tucson to find beads.  Searching for beautiful natural stones as well as handmade beads and Sterling silver inspire their work.  Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings they have it all!  You can find WendyWear at many of the local art shows and by appointment out of Wendy’s home.  WendyWear also does custom work including weddings, special occasions, or the missing piece to the perfect outfit.  A wide and reasonable price range as well as many different styles there is something for everyone!

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